Portrait by Karie Mitchell of artist Robert Thomas Weathers

About RTW

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, ROBERT THOMAS WEATHERS began drawing and painting in his youth.

He transferred his talents to a career in commercial art and illustration after earning degrees in Studio Art and Art History from Troy University, where he studied under renowned artist/illustrator WOODI ISHMAEL.

Later in life, he would gain experience through tutelages with other well known artists, including watercolorist DON RANKIN and photographers BILL MASON and LEWIS ARNOLD. Throughout his career he has worked and enjoyed professional associations with various other artists, including illustrator and fine artist ERNIE ELDREDGE, professional photographer KARIE MITCHELL, fine artist JOHN HEINE, and illustrator RODNEY DAVIDSON.

As an illustrator, Weathers became familiar with advertising and publishing, which earned him executive positions in marketing at various companies in Birmingham. Eventually he combined his artistic knowledge with his marketing skills while continuing his career in graphic design and commercial art. Weathers has been a professional artist for over 40 years, and this has allowed him to, not only witness, but participate in the growth of the now indispensable field of computer graphics. Throughout the development of his career, Weathers has maintained a strong interest in his studio practice, often encouraging his public and private interests to influence one another. Indeed, because of his extensive experience with photography, design, and painting he is able to incorporate each discipline seamlessly into his fine art.